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T7. Scrambled Eggs with Shrimp

T10. Sauteed Cauliflowers with Chilli and Pork Spicy

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T15. Szechuan Style Peppery Chicken Wings Spicy

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T6. Sauteed Diced Lamb with Cumin Spicy

T11. Griddle Cooked Chicken with Dried Chilli Peppers Spicy

T2. Pork Intestines with Chilli Peppers Spicy

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T1. House Special Boiled Fish Fillet in Chilli Broth Spicy

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T13. Sauteed Spicy Pork & Veggie Country Style Spicy

T12. Sauteed Beef with Wild Chilli Peppers Spicy

T5. Sauteed Diced Beef with Cumin Spicy

T14. Hot Chilli Pepper Fish and Tofu Spicy

T9. Spicy Hot Assorted Meat with Veggie in Casserole Spicy