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R1. House Special Fried Rice Spicy

shrimp, diced pork, vegetables & cilantro - slightly spicy

R5. Chicken Fried Rice

R7. Vegetable Fried Rice

R2. Yang-Zhou Style Fried Rice

shrimp with diced BBQ pork & eggs

R4. BBQ Pork Fried Rice

R6. Shrimp Fried Rice

R10. Steamed 5 Grains Rice

a blend of black/red/white rice, corn millet & barley

R3. Nothern Curry Fried Rice Spicy

diced pork, shrimp, eggs & vegetables with curry
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R9. Beef & Tomato on Steamed Rice

sliced tender beef with sauteed tomatoes on rice

R8. Tomato & Egg on Steamed Rice

sauteed tomatoes & scrambled eggs on rice
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R11. Steamed Rice